Luxurious bathroom with designer bathtub in 36 stunning footage #bathroom #bathtub #designe…

Luxurious bathroom with designer bathtub in 36 stunning footage #bathroom #bathtub #designer #footage #luxurious

Progress Lighting Debut P300008 Wall Sconce

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Faucets For Everyone! –

Apron-front bathroom sinks & with metal hudee rings or to tile in – When these rare(ish) vintage bathroom sinks show up in old advertisements or actual bathrooms, I often get questions about them. What are they, exactly, and how are they installed? Some answers& The photo above, from, is, specifically, a: 1960s Case Apron Front Hudee ring sink From our look back at all the names for yellow and designs from various manufacturers ove

Best Vintage Bathroom Light Fixtures – Home Interior Design Ideas, #Bathroom #Design #Fixtures #Home #ideas

Varaluz Lofty 4-Light Bath/Vanity Fixture

Longshore Tides Chapdelaine 3-Light Glass Cone Wall Sconce Finish: Black Brushed Brass, Shade Color: Clear, Size: 11″ H x 32″ W

In the 1940s and 50s, bathrooms with colorful plumbing fixtures — sinks, toilets, and tubs in shades of blue, green, yellow, and even pink — were all the rage. Then, mysteriously, the tide of fashion turned, and people have been ripping out those candy-colored fixtures ever since. But a few brave souls have preserved the pastel fixtures in their vintage bathrooms (or added vintage ones to new bathrooms), and, as it turns out, in the right setting, those fu

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