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Interior of the Wolfgang Feierbach house built in 1968-1970 in Altenstadt Germany

Wash basin on the apron and with metal Hudee rings or for tiling – When these rare (ish) vintage wash basins appear in old ads or actual bathrooms, I often get questions about them. What exactly are they and how are they installed? Some Answers & The photo above from is specifically a: 1960s Fall Apron Front Hudee Ring Sink From our review of all the yellow names and designs from various manufacturers above

1925 Fairfacts Vintage Bathroom – Green Tile I love the advertising illustrations of the 1920s. Fairfacts is not a well-known name today, but it was one of many medium to high-end sanitary companies that grew in the 1920s. Who can argue with the rich grass green tiles, the wallpapered walls and the stained glass casement? Source: beautiful house

Progress Lighting Debut P300008 wall lamp

Longshore Tides Chapdelaine 3-light glass cone wall light Finish: brushed black brass, shadow color: clear, size: 11 "H x 32" B.

Reminiscent of the washbowl of yesteryear, but it doesn't need to be more modern: this washbasin was called ceramic. #washbasin #basin #ceramic #basin

Design of bathroom lighting | Bathroom Design – Choose Floor Plan and Bathroom Construction Materials | HGTV


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