Tile It On

Tile It On – Designer Chris Benz’s Colorful Brooklyn Brownstone – Photos

Erinnert an die Waschschüssel vergangener Zeiten, könnte aber nicht moderner sein: Dieses Waschbecken wurde aus hochwertiger Keramik gefertigt. #waschbecken #waschschüssel #keramik #becken

In the 1940s and 50s, bathrooms with colorful plumbing fixtures — sinks, toilets, and tubs in shades of blue, green, yellow, and even pink — were all the rage. Then, mysteriously, the tide of fashion turned, and people have been ripping out those candy-colored fixtures ever since. But a few brave souls have preserved the pastel fixtures in their vintage bathrooms (or added vintage ones to new bathrooms), and, as it turns out, in the right setting, those fu

dream bathroom…fixtures

Beautiful Photo of Bathroom Wall Light Fixtures. Bathroom Wall Light Fixtures 0612659 3 Light Lowes Allen And Roth Winbrell Yellow Lightingfan #bathroomlightingOverBathtub #bathroomlightingDownlights #Boh

Apron-front bathroom sinks & with metal hudee rings or to tile in – When these rare(ish) vintage bathroom sinks show up in old advertisements or actual bathrooms, I often get questions about them. What are they, exactly, and how are they installed? Some answers& The photo above, from, is, specifically, a: 1960s Case Apron Front Hudee ring sink From our look back at all the names for yellow and designs from various manufacturers ove

Unser industrielles Kupferrohr-Toilettenrollenständer ist ein großartiges Zubehör für … #artiges #ein #für #Großartiges #industrielles


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