Vintage Chicago Bathroom on Craigslist #bathroomfixtures #bathroom #fixture …

Vintage Chicago Bathroom on Craigslist #Badroomfixtures #bathroom #fixture … # Bathroom #bathroomfixtures

Vintage Italian Bathroom Faucets Flower Porcelain Bath | Etsy

1925 Fairfacts Vintage Bathroom – Green Tile I love the advertising illustrations of the 1920s. Fairfacts is not a well-known name today, but it was one of many medium to high-end sanitary companies that grew in the 1920s. Who can argue with the rich grass green tiles, the wallpapered walls and the stained glass casement? Source: beautiful house

Brizo on EyeSwoon | Photography by Sarah Elliott

12 Noble modern bathroom ideas from the middle of the century Hunker Home Inspiration | beautiful houses | Modern in the middle of the century Farmhouse | Decorate | Home decor ideas |

Bathroom taps in 7 retro colors from Peerless. We also compare the pastel colors Gerber and Peerless – Retro Renovation

Towel ring from the Water Creation Glass Series

Vintage frosted glass lamp for 2020 frosted glass hobnail ruffled pendant. That's perfect, I've inherited a large collection of Fenton Hobnail frosted glass. I really like the look of this light. I can install rose bowls and such lights in both the kitchen and the bathroom. -CAB This image has 196 repetitions. Author: Zen Vintage Collection & Raw Lux Gems #Glass #Lamp

Go to the old school for bathroom fittings! 🙂 Anthony Como


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